Today We Leave the Sidelines

I’ve watched for months as God’s people have stared blankly. We stand from the sidelines with golf claps watching everyone else fight. We are content to stand when we were created to run. So no wonder we feel a pulling of sorts and want to catch fire. The problem then... read more

We Burn Bright

So there’s been this break around here for a few weeks. A resting. A breathing space. And maybe you’ve needed it, too— a chance to nothing in the middle of the everything. It’s nice when He calls a time out, you know?  The break time created a handful of glory-like... read more

For the One

When I sit down to write, I often ask Jesus what He wants me to say. Drawn back to His life on this earth, I am constantly reminded that His ministry was totally centered around the one. So, I’ve learned to write for the one. So, for the one. . . who feels alone,  who... read more

The Words I Want Removed from My Vocabulary. . .

It’s not that I don’t want all of Him, it’s just that I don’t want to give up all of me.  This was my heart’s battle for so many years. Blocked and barricaded in by a need for control, I was a catatonic believer, drifting through days without making one Kingdom dent.... read more

Just the Kids with the Loving Dad

I looked for more my entire life. I found the more when I reached the end of myself. I tried, oh I tried, for so long to make things work on my own. I pushed myself and stretched myself to be the best, do the best, appear the best. Make it all look so good. Be the... read more

A Glorious Undoing

Jesus, I realized today You really love me just the way I am. I stood and felt Your Love wash like the rain over me and for the first time I believed You. Thank You for pursuing me. Thank You for never giving up on the realization that I’m just a daughter.... read more

When You Think You’re Unusable

Why is it that we feel unusable?  I have met far too many spectacular individuals that live beneath their creation. Drawn between the hands of Father God, they forget their origin in the Heavenlies and count themselves out of the earthly. My question then becomes, If... read more

The End of the Seeking

How beautiful it is to know Him.  And can you feel it within you even this second, the gentleness that sweeps through your soul at the sound of His Name? Jesus. It’s like a coming home, right? Like a knowing that encapsulates the heart like balm?  It’s like the lungs... read more

When an Empty Grave Whispers Your Name

The cataclysmic shift of the universe happened when Love won because of you. Because you were worth the leaving of Heaven to walk earth and die in sin washed grace. And the shift took place in the Heavenly realms as a carved out cave held the King for three days; body... read more

For the Tired Ones

Loneliness is the universal Me too.  We have all felt the dreariness of the day with no one else. We know the emotion that’s left when the phone doesn’t ring and the door doesn’t knock and the driveway stays undriven for weeks. Far too easily, we know. I know you... read more

Surrendering Our Schedules

I stood behind my house a handful of nights ago and marveled. I wondered at the sky and its complexities and awed at the majesty that our Father had painted across the blue canvas. Deep pinks turned purples and fainted to yellows. It was, in every sense of the word, a... read more

When the Coming Isn’t Coming & We Need a Deep Breath

I’m cultivating you, He says. Molding, shaping, stretching, growing you.  I am working with you. And you may not see Me and you may not feel Me, but child, you can trust Me. You can trust that this morning when you woke up, I was already awake and at work on the... read more

Who Would Have Noticed?

I saw the hands raise one by one. By one by one.  And earth seemed to shift, as He calls it. Things are shifting, He says. And as I watched the hands raise, I believed in the shifting too. I held on as Heaven was sure to be cheering as as the rest of His people that... read more

When the Day is Long

When the day is long, my friend, remember our time is short. In just a short time, we will be taken to our Home and as the clock ticks slowly on, remember our breath of life is but a vapor. Fading this way and that, we tire. We mourn. We shout with joy and dance with... read more

The Man That Changed It All

We wake up with two holed hands cupping our faces. We breathe with the breath of the Holy. We are Heavenly beings walking on temporary soil. How fitting for us to follow in the footsteps of our Maker.  A man with flesh that bled and tears that shed and hands that... read more

The Outcome of Our Day

We don’t have to look very far to see that the world is in upheaval. Riots and racial discrimination, holy wars and poverty, perversion and slavery are everywhere and my heart seems to cry out in response. The darkness seems like it will overtake and a smothering... read more

This is Who You Are

This week, right? It’s been one for the books. And it’s been one that may have left some hearts weary, may have left some hearts energized, may have left some hearts, well, left. Just here. Just…left. David writes what we feel in Psalm 69. And his heart words feels... read more

Watch the Walls Fall

To follow God is to walk in impossibility. As I’ve gotten to know Jesus, I’ve realized that He often calls me to places I otherwise wouldn’t have gone. He asks me to do things I generally wouldn’t try. I was talking with a friend this week. She was struggling. Hard... read more

They Need to Know

I watch my brother and sister leave on a mission trip today. Ten days in a third world country will bring lasting change. They won’t return as they left. And their hearts will literally lose their shape within only to be rebuilt again. Following a call from Heaven... read more

Dear Doubt and Insecurity,

Dear Doubt and Insecurity,  It’s your old friend. It’s me. And I know you know me well. You know me far more than I wish you did. Gosh, I feel like you two know me to my core. So this letter, it’s hard for me, because us three, we’ve been attached for quite sometime.... read more

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