Being the Church is Not Boring

You adjust to Me. I don’t adjust to you.  And those were His words as I sat in the middle of Starbucks trying to figure out His plan. And God is just downright confusing sometimes, if not frustrating, and it’s flat hard to see His direction. So I sat with two mentors... read more

Where Our Reality Exists

And sometimes days just roll out disappointments. We prepare and we pray, we pray and we prepare all for another no or not yet. Frustration boils to overflowing and we’re two seconds away from losing it all because I thought I was ready this time. So we step back into... read more

So we stand outside the manger and then this. . .

So He came and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Our shame didn’t stand at that manger and convince Him He didn’t want to continue. Our rebellion and heartache and prodigal days didn’t scream loud enough to deter Him. And hatred and pain couldn’t stop Him if we... read more

When struggled obedience turns to flat out Holy

My knees found themselves curled up on another college futon this week. And it wasn’t for a movie and some small talk. It was the real stuff. The God, You need to be in this stuff. It was eternal stuff and a temporary soul sat across from me.  And I just want to be so... read more

Grace and More Grace to Come

So I guess it’s true that all is grace. Because I’ve talked to woman after woman this week that have been in the broken days, but somehow, someway now they’re standing in grace. Grace exists even for the broken. It appears often for the shattered. Grace is just a... read more

Not On Our Watch Will the World Go to Hell

I met someone last week. Impromptu and unplanned, it was a Divine kind of meeting. Like God had arranged it and both me and my new friend had no idea He was in control.  So we talked and talked eternal things. Words came out of my mouth like, “You know God has His... read more

Okay– We’re Really Going to Be Just Fine

So it’s not that you’ve missed your opportunity. It’s just that God has protected you and preserved you for more. Do you get that and see that and really actually feel that now? And today is the end of another week and maybe a door hasn’t opened, but that doesn’t mean... read more

When Women Celebrate One Another, All of Heaven Roars

We watch the woman stand up from her place at the table and walk across the room. A daughter spilling forth grace as she steps. A woman reflecting God Jesus to the rest of us watching ones. We watch her laugh loud and clap her hands together, pure joy. We see her... read more

We Exist for More

So somehow Monday is here, but for the daughters of the King, we press on. Heart towards Heaven, we believe that days of rest and restlessness are equal days of opportunity. Hearts beat a little faster now. Mind calms a bit. Palms press together in praise that Jesus... read more

When the Daughters of Heaven Awaken

There’s this tension that exists at the heart of every woman: the struggle between who God created us to be and who others want us to become. We are caught in holy tension, bound by the desires of this world and beckoned forward into the higher calling of Jesus. And... read more

A Reaction that Restores Identity

I was frustrated and about to boil over. The person on the other line wasn’t responding how I wanted. I had envisioned the conversation going differently. I was supposed to be happy and excited, but now I found myself anxious and irritated. Because of one person. And... read more

The Bitter Sweet Seasons of Change

My family is in a season of change. And Friday we watched my little brother step onto a high school football field for one of the last times ever. His cleats were laced just like every other game; his jersey fit the same; the coaches gave encouragement; and the crowd... read more

How Far You’ve Come, Brave One

How far you’ve come, brave one.  How hard you had to fight to get where you are. How miraculous is your life. How beautiful your story. How glorious your testimony. How astounding it is that you are where you are— alive, well, whole. . . here.  And it’s interesting... read more

When We Needed All of Him

I bet the grave was still dark when He opened His eyes. Waking to the sound of His own eternal breath, seeing angels stare Him in the eye, feeling His legs move; He was alive again. After three long days of death. And I bet He smiled. Smiled for us. Smiled for... read more

When the Friday Feels Like the End

Yeah, so we really need a refill sometimes.  And this week took it out of us and we fell into Friday with an exhaustion that seemed to overtake. Our lungs took in the air and exhaled confusion like it was the norm. Our clocks ticked loud, mocking our unfinished lists.... read more

When We Finally Bloom with the Son

Dirt will always look like dirt until our eyes adjust to fertile ground. So a broken person will always look broken until we see the potential within the broken, right?  Yeah, we all have hope because even the ugliest parts can end up spelling grace. That’s what my... read more

This is the Life

There have been days when I’ve chosen to operate in the spirit of discouragement. In and out and up and around and here and there I’ve walked discouraged. I’ve spoken discouraged. I’ve acted discouraged. I’ve lived discouraged. I’ve loved discouraged. And then there... read more

Training for the Eternal

I ran today. And as my feet hit the pavement, my lungs were filled with explosive hot air. In, out, left, right. I climbed the hill in front of me, silently praying to Jesus I would make it home without dying in the middle of the road. And the image probably wasn’t... read more

When the Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore

I sat with my best friend in a McDonald’s last Tuesday at 3pm. Both of us live in full time ministry, a calling not often encouraged or promoted. It’s simple and messy all at once: we ask Jesus what to do each day and then go do just that.  But going against the norm... read more

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