Meet the Couture31 Team

Kelsey Ach

Couture31 Creator, Founder

Kelsey is the creator and founder of Couture31, this very space that seeks to equip, empower, and encourage every woman to reach their fullest, God-given potential. More importantly, she is a daughter, sister, writer, and friend with a mad love for coffee and her Boston Terrier, Chunk.

In 2012, Kelsey heard God tell her, “Love My daughters.” Since then, that has been the sole purpose of her heart. A woman filled with a passion for Jesus and His daughters, Kelsey is involved in numerous ministries that encourage women to be all God created them to be. She specifically has a heart for women in the adult entertainment industry and is grateful for the way God has been gracious to change lives in this area. She loves watching women encounter their Creator and fall in love with the grace of their Savior. An intimate relationship with The Lord is her favorite conversation topic and, given enough coffee, she will tell you every wonderful thing He has done in her life.

Drawn into His perfect plan and learning to yield to her own ideas of control, Kelsey has embraced the journey with Jesus and loved every second. Her Papa always told her, “You don’t have to know where you’re going; you just have to know Who you’re following.” That piece of advice has encouraged Kelsey to reach out and latch on to Jesus and all He has planned.

Outside of work, you will find her hanging out with her family or involved in women’s ministry at her church.

Connect with Kelsey on Instagram (@kelseyach)!

Jenna Bream

Couture31 Lead Graphic Designer

At a student conference in high school, Jenna felt the first real tug on her heart from the Lord- a tug to do Kingdom Work. She wasn’t sure what that was going to look like, but she knew that God was pulling her towards a career in ministry; towards people and places whose sole purpose is to bring others closer to His heart. In college God stirred in her a love for design and communication, and she remained focused on learning how to use those things to bring His Kingdom on earth. Since college, she’s continued letting the Lord lead her to the next right thing- not making her own plans, but trusting that His are higher and greater and will accomplish more than she can ever hope or imagine.

Jenna loves laughing and making other people laugh; she can’t help but dance and sing to whatever song playing, and in almost every conversation, she’ll recognize the lyric of a song and burst out in it (whether you want her to or not). She sees God in His creation and loves being outdoors, actually does understand the NFL, and will never pass up the chance to play some pick up soccer. She has learned that times of desperation are when we can relate most to our Savior Jesus Christ and she longs to cling more tightly to Him every single day.

You can usually notice her crazy curly hair or her consistent uniform of shorts, tshirt, and Chacos. But she mostly hopes that when you walk away from a conversation, you’ll have gained some new laugh lines and learned a little bit more about the joy of Christ.

Connect with Jenna on Instagram (@jennabream)!

Bitty Ach

Couture31 Creative Director

Bitty Ach is the six foot tall, coffee-loving, chocolate-eating, flower-crown-wearing, book-reading, black-nail-polish-sporting, dog-obsessing, Haiti-adoring, Daughter of Christ who also happens to be the sister of Kelsey. She is a senior (WHAT?!) at the University of Kentucky and an Integrated Strategic Communication major with an emphasis on Direct Marketing. We know, sounds pretty fancy, but she’ll basically just be practicing creative marketing. Can we hear it for our fellow right-brained humans?! The appreciation for you runs deep. Bitty loves how our lives are catered to our passions, and that’s a wonderful gift that she’s still accepting. Throughout her walk with The Lord, she has developed a serious love for mission work. She’s had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Haiti a few times and every time she goes, a little more of her heart gets left behind. Thankfully, she has formed such a fondness for the beautiful third-world citizens that sometimes she feels as if God is calling her there. And it wouldn’t just be for a short time, either. Since we are friends and all, Bitty would appreciate your prayer on that one, if you wouldn’t mind. And she would love to do the same for you. We love how Jesus didn’t call us to sit on the sidelines and cheer people on from the fence; He called us to get down and dirty, accept the cheers from His angel army, and prepare for the battle he has blessed us with. So until Bitty is exactly where He wants her when He wants her, she’ll be preparing for this battle with coffee in hand.

Connect with Bitty on Instagram (@bittyach)!




Mallory Johnson

Couture31 Community Blog Director

It all started when Mallory felt God faithfully wrap His arms around her. Ever since that day she has had an insane love for God and His people. She realized life was too short to worry about what might happen, so she decided to live in the moment and follow her heart as best as she could. Her heart since then has been led to Him and she wants to continue to bear His image in all her ways.

Her biggest dream is to shine His light so bright, that others are blinded. Whether that be in her small town or traveling the world. If Mallory is not spending time with family and friends, you can probably guess she is lost in woods with her camera. She will often dance to the songs in her head, write and draw with the rhythm of her heart, and love from the depths of her soul. Come dream with her.

Connect with Mallory on Instagram (@mlryjohsn)!

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