You adjust to Me. I don’t adjust to you. 

And those were His words as I sat in the middle of Starbucks trying to figure out His plan. And God is just downright confusing sometimes, if not frustrating, and it’s flat hard to see His direction. So I sat with two mentors and we prayed expecting to get guidance, when in fact, I received a reminder.

You adjust to Me. I don’t adjust to you. 

I often forget that it’s a privilege to be in communication with King Jesus. I forget He holds stars and the earth is His footstool. I forget I’m just a speck of dust and yet He watches me breathe. And sometimes His Love sacrifice gets lost in my selfishness, instead of my selfishness getting lost in His Love sacrifice. 

This year I hope to change that.

So Couture31 will be shifting a little as well, dear friends. This space of gentle grace has been quite the living room over the past two years. God has done some amazing things and He continues to astound me with your stories that come in emails, texts, phone calls, and notes. I’m thankful He crossed our paths. 

But I don’t want to stop there. 

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I can’t stand the thought of us gathering together only to leave this space and not respond to His invitation. I’m just tired of being encouraged on blogs, in magazines, and on webpages without actually doing something with what I’ve read. I want the encouragement I receive to prompt me to really live like Jesus, not just think about Jesus. 

Does that make sense? 

I want this space to be a challenge, a pushing encouragement for us to live out what Jesus talked about. Love, joy, peace, patience, boldness, mercy, grace. May we never just get the warm feelings inside of our hearts without going out and sharing the love of Jesus. Let’s not stop in this space. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say.

The Church isn’t meant to stay comfortable inside four walls or within the confines of a blog. We weren’t created for such an unassuming and safe life. We were created to be filled up only to spill out. We were created to go. We were created for intimacy with the very One Who gave it all for us. The Church was created to establish the world as a pulsing heart for Jesus Christ. 

So around here, posts will be shorter and sometimes less frequent. We want to be known as a people that seek the heart of our Jesus and then share the heart of our Jesus. We want to live out His invitation of love, letting His joy and grace spill out wherever we go.

Starting today, let’s do just that. 

We can remember together that Jesus has pointed at us and said, Go. He has held our hearts and whispered, Be brave. He has given the freedom and the direction. Now it is up to us to do something with His Presence within. We are bursting at the seams with His being and others are bursting to encounter Him. 

And with one step of faith, we can create a Heavenly collision that will have far reaching eternal ripples. 

So we adjust to Him, okay? We pray for sensitivity to His Spirit and His movement, opening our eyes and ears and hearts to where He is already working. And then? We move. We join Him with excitement and anticipation for all He will do.

Being the Church is not boring. Being the Church is an expectant and anticipated adventure with the Star-Breather Himself. So take heart, dear one. You are ready. You are equipped.

And I can promise you one thing, you will never be the same. 


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