So He came and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Our shame didn’t stand at that manger and convince Him He didn’t want to continue. Our rebellion and heartache and prodigal days didn’t scream loud enough to deter Him. And hatred and pain couldn’t stop Him if we tried.

So it’s just a fact. He came. 

And when I stop to think about it all, at the start of this Christmas week, my heart gets bigger and somehow lighter. Because there was nothing I could do to keep Him from saving me. What a relief, because there were days I sure tried.

A baby opened beautiful eyes to look first at livestock and then at a teenage mom more than two thousand years ago because Son, there’s this situation and Your life is the answer. So the situation of sin and hurt and pain and darkness suddenly had a competitor and the gates of hell shuddered because they knew they had already lost.

A baby breath and war was waged. 

What greater love? 

night sky1

And baby turned toddler, but the balance between God and man perfectly existed nonetheless. It says He grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with both Heaven and earth. And the eternal became more of a reality with each inhale because the Way was being made and there was just nothing the rest of the world could do about it. 

Love. It just came. Not with permission, because we probably wouldn’t have given it. We’re all We don’t need saving, but our hearts seem to cry otherwise. Because the broken ones don’t think we need fixing until we’re just a big pile of mess and only a Father will do. That alone He seemed to know when Heaven split and a throne was vacated and the manger held Love’s first cry.

There’s this feeling in my heart that wants to argue with Him coming. Ridiculous, I know, but there’s a part of me that wants to go back and spare Him the pain He would endure, the heartache He would walk through. Because surely our Jesus, the Perfect Son, didn’t deserve such grime. And I just want to stand at the manger and say, No, Lord, You don’t deserve what is to come, but I know my heart just screams hard opposite:

Thank God You’re finally here. O Precious Messiah, thank God You’re finally here. 

The broken can’t help but cry blessing at the Presence of Jesus. 

This Advent has my heart emotional and tired from the searching because I can’t seem to find more reason for Him to have come other than me. . . and you. A world that only boasted of shattered hearts, Love broke the barrier of what was possible. And I just believe with everything in me that His throne was vacated voluntarily because when Love overwhelms, you have no choice but to move. So we cried out for Love and then He came and everything changed from that first heartbeat in the womb.

Eternal pulsed on temporary earth and now Heaven was an option. 

night sky 2

Truly John had it right when he wrote, How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, because could 33 years of walking, breathing, saving Love ever be grander? Could anything ever trump a Love that left golden streets to walk on dusty ones, that left perfection to kneel in imperfection, that released eternal to grasp temporary? Surely nothing has ever been sweeter to human kind.

Surely nothing and no one has ever been so gracious. 

So this Christmas just means something more to me, you know? In light of His sacrifice to live and then die, I find a deeper worship. This Christmas has me standing outside of that manger weeping with gratitude and relief because Heaven-dwelling God was now God with Us, Emmanuel, and my world would never be the same. Appropriately kneeling in the presence of such Presence, the broken world joins me in song and Heaven leans in at the ultimate sign of courage. 

The King cries with first breath. Earth shakes. A Way is being made. A trail blazed. A hope found. Love in human form now exists.

And there’s just nothing we can do about it. 

Hallelujah, King Jesus. 

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