My knees found themselves curled up on another college futon this week. And it wasn’t for a movie and some small talk. It was the real stuff. The God, You need to be in this stuff.

It was eternal stuff and a temporary soul sat across from me. 

woman sunset

And I just want to be so sensitive to the Spirit’s movement that whenever a temporary soul is in front of me, they leave my presence walking eternal. Like a soul transformation happens in the time we are together and courage invades and Spirit is present and Jesus is invited in and then we’re suddenly family.

I want my heart to beat for more than just menial discussions of earthly problems. My Provider has the solution, so why shouldn’t my lips speak of the Love? 

But can I back track? Because God is just too good and you have to hear the way He works. Let His Love seep down deep today, like down to your toes deep, because we are in the season of Advent, so let’s be reminded of the work He does on our behalf.

The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.” -Psalm 126:3

Check this out.

This weekend, I received a text to meet with a friend of mine and I could feel Heavenly heartstrings nudging me on. I needed to go. There was no question. So I confirmed things with the Lord (side note: He cares about the details, so ask Him), He said we could meet on Monday around 10am. The plan was set. He knew what was going on, clearly I had no clue.

Sunday night a group of friends and I traveled 60ish miles to a church to pray. That was God’s direction, Go pray for them, so obedience found itself in our hearts and we went. And driving home, the received blessing was on our end as God, we just can’t believe how faithful You are! Joyful is a heart that obeys. We figured that one out as over 20 people received prayer that evening and the Church was exemplified through a 60 mile journey.

The Lord is faithful to obedience. 

Home that night and walking through the house, we noticed my dog had a severe limp and could barely lift his leg off the ground. The issue was unclear, but one thing was certain: we were going to pray and Harley was going to receive healing. So we prayed in Jesus’ Name and commanded all infirmities to leave. His tail wagging, we went to bed, not even realizing that the Heavens shake at even a prayer for a dog.

Our words to His ear never go unnoticed. 

In bed, our awesome God asked me to rise early the next day, reminding me I had neglected this duty for awhile. He then asked me to copy Scripture and spend the day fasting. The reason? He wouldn’t say. But coming off of an obedient adventure, I was geared for the more of Heaven and obliged to His requests. He is worthy to lose sleep. He is worthy to copy His Word. He is worthy of the withholding of food. 

Monday came and feet hit the floor before the sun made its way up and a morning with The Lord is pure Holy. So Scripture was copied and my belly felt nourished somehow. His grace is sufficient. His Word fed me. And then He gave a verse and in my heart I knew who to send it to, so I shot the verse to my friends with a quick note of I’m praying for you all today! And that was it, or so I thought. 

“Some of you think that it’s extraordinary people who God uses, but actually it’s little lovers who are obedient. God is not looking for extraordinary magnificent people, He’s looking for little lives laid at His feet who say, ‘yes.’” -Heidi Baker

A few minutes later, my friend texted back that it was a monumental day for prayer for their family and we are so thankful! and then to my shock, Kels, would you consider fasting with us today in prayer? My lips escaped a quiet laugh because only God could’ve known. And my reply of well, The Lord actually already had me fasting today and now I know the reason why! baffled us both.

The Lord is faithful to obedience. 

Bible in hand and continuing to read, Harley made his way downstairs and bounded into the living room. Bounded into the living room.

My eyes focused in on that right leg where just twelve hours before he could barely get around. God, surely not. Did You just heal a dog?! 

The Lord is faithful to obedience.

In my state of shock, I drove to the college campus, found myself on a futon and then God continued this crazy cycle of amazement. I honestly didn’t think I could take much more. 

Our conversation was saturated with the grace of God and then my sweet friend asked the question that changed it all, How am I ever going to get healed from this? And it was then in that moment that I knew the answer, but my flesh became nervous and I almost wanted to say I’ll pray that you find that out and move on. But God doesn’t call us ambassadors to hide behind fear. 

So after a word of fervent prayer under my breath and a dose of courage from Heaven, I just spoke what I knew was eternally true: Jesus. He’s the only way. You can try everything else, but at the end of the day you’ll find yourself just as depressed as you are now. And things won’t be perfect, but you will be held and held forever. 

And you know the phrase when eternity hangs in the balance? Well, that was life and we sat there staring at each other with the Truth in between and a decision needing to be made. And I remembered that on the drive up there, while in prayer, God had kindly told me that Today is the day of Salvation! So, I just asked and believed that God would be faithful to the promise He made. 

Do you want to make that decision right now? 

And her response of, I would really like to do that, broke the Heavenly storehouses of praise and there we were hands locked and another heart coming Home.

The Lord is faithful to obedience. 

Within five hours of such a Homecoming, I received a call of encouragement that offered a random financial blessing and a word of hope that was just for my new sister in Christ.

The Lord is faithful to obedience. 

red flower

Look what our amazing, kind, loving, and powerful God did! He used a broken, human “yes” to do more than I ever thought possible. All glory to Him! He has taught me that my obedience as His daughter is not just for my own benefit, but for the beautiful expansion of His Kingdom. And what graciousness that He chooses to use us, if we are available, to love on His other kids.

How often I’ve missed this boat of obedience. How kind for Him to offer me another chance. And it is this joint co-laboring with Heaven that leaves me always wanting More.

This is what I know of my Jesus: My obedience to Him in the present creates fertile soil for His supernatural work in the future. Like a healed dog, a fasting prayer for a friend, a daughter coming Home, a financial donation, and random, encouraging words. 

Funny thing is that when I laid my head on my pillow that night, my stomach wasn’t hungry for food. I was just hungry for the more of God. Hungry for His work to continue and more of His Presence. Hungry for His power and peace, His mercy and love.

Obedience, the gateway to deeper Presence. Obedience, the opportunity for every believer.

So may I ask? Where is He calling you deeper today, my friend? Trust Him at His word. And watch in wonder as those around you reap the benefit, and sometimes the eternal benefit, of your obedience.

Praise be to our God! For His glory and His renown.

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