So I guess it’s true that all is grace. Because I’ve talked to woman after woman this week that have been in the broken days, but somehow, someway now they’re standing in grace.

Grace exists even for the broken. It appears often for the shattered. Grace is just a byproduct of healing, evidence that we’ve encountered Jesus in our pain. 

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Four tables and two restaurants have felt hands rest and tears fall as stranger hearts connected. Because we didn’t even know each other, but in a mystery only God can explain, we knew the story. The story of hearts breaking, lives changing, and people leaving only to still be standing. Their road somehow resembled mine and we were equally shocked in the me too.

I’m always somewhat thankful I’m not the only one. It’s nice to not be an independent fighter.

Her heart beat in rhythm with mine and two hours ago we were strangers, but now? Now we’re in this together. Now we know the other and laugh with the other and weep with the other. She is me and I am her and God knew we needed the moment. 

How kind of Him to cross our paths. How gracious that He connects His girls. 

How beautiful the reality that He didn’t create just one, but He created us together. 

“After Calvary, God has the right to be trusted; to be believed that He means what He says; and that His love is dependable.” -AJ Gossip

I’ve prayed and thought about each woman I’ve met with—how much our stories intersect. How deeply I connected with each heart. And in loving them, my own life made more sense. . . why I went through dark days, why some years felt empty, why I’ve continued to wait. While I stood in the gap for them, God filled in the gaps for me. He has a purpose for all things. 

He can be trusted. He is reliable. His heart is faithful.

I understood that if I went through hard seasons for the sole purpose of being able to love these girls, every second was worth it. God has a much bigger perspective, a much more eternal perspective, than I do and I choose to trust Him. 

He is good. He is for my good. And He is a good Father. 

When I know these truths, my heart has permission to rest. And for this I am thankful.

God is always at work and I am just a vessel. 


So we shift perspective now, okay? The temporary lens has no place in our lives. We were created for the eternal, so we look through the eternal. And this is what I’ve learned. This is what I’ve lived. This is what I’ve come to love.

The enemy wants us to believe we are in a season of isolation. But children of God are impossible to isolate. He is Immanuel, God with us, remember? A shifting of perspective. Not a season of isolation. A season of intimacy with our Savior, an opportunity for the one-on-one with the Son of God to draw us near and speak in love. 

The enemy wants us to believe we are in a season of confusion. But children of God reflect their Father and God is not a God of confusion, right? He brings purpose to all things. A shifting of perspective. Not a season of confusion. In fact, we may just be in the deepest season of spiritual growth possible—the opportunity to press in to hear the voice of God and grow in wisdom. 

Our God, our Jesus has never been satisfied with temporary things, so we shouldn’t either. This earth whets our appetite for the eternal things of God, forever company with the King of Kings. When we choose to operate in light of the eternal, not in light of the temporary, atmospheres change. We are walking beacons of permission that life can be lived differently. . . in the fullness of the Presence of God. 

Eyes off the world. Eyes off ourselves. Hearts on Heaven. Hearts on God. 

Things from His perspective tend to look a little more exciting, more hopeful, more purposeful. His view brings life and grace, confidence and belief, and more loads of joy than we know what to do with.

“We are dual citizens of both Heaven and earth.” -Bill Johnson

Let’s choose such an eternal perspective today and pour forth the same perspective in others. And it’s the kind grace of God that doesn’t want us to keep this gift to ourselves. So we step out today and tomorrow and the next day excited to give what has been given to us. Eternity overflowing from forgiven hearts. Bits of Heaven being left wherever we walk. Jesus the only name left on lips when we leave the room.

My prayer is that your own hands would find a table this next week as a friend looks back from the other side. I pray your hearts connect and honesty is spoken. I pray that eternity just hangs in the balance waiting for the permission to descend. And above all things, my friend, I pray you would let that Love and Grace wash deep, permeating the space and your hearts with pure Holy.

So pass it along this end of the week. And when we really think about it? When Heaven is our future and a cross made the way, when a Savior descended in extravagant love and holed hands were placed in a tomb, when a stone was rolled away and a cold, but now warm and beating heart stepped out? All for me and you? All to make a way? Yeah, in light of it all, I’m just not sure I can keep it in.

Eternity is waiting for the ones around us. Eternity beats in my very own heart. How could I ever hold back such hope? 

Healed, broken, shattered, whole. We all need it. We all want it. So it’s grace and more grace to come. 

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