So it’s not that you’ve missed your opportunity.

It’s just that God has protected you and preserved you for more. Do you get that and see that and really actually feel that now? And today is the end of another week and maybe a door hasn’t opened, but that doesn’t mean you’re counted out. God is still on His throne and you are still His child, so just rest right there. 

And if you’re looking, searching, desperately needing someone to tell you that you’re going to be just fine. . . you’re going to be just fine. 

So I’ll just ask you what I asked a grieving friend this week, Has He ever failed you? 

Our God, the One Who simultaneously breathes into lungs and breathes out galaxies will not begin to fail you now. You are far too important to Him and it’s far too outside of His character to do otherwise. So we let our stressed minds be and choose to operate with faith. 

Back on course, we press on. 

reading woman


A woman I dearly love laughed this week when another told her she “had it all together.” Her eyes widened and hands clapped in front as she quickly disagreed with the compliment and listed every reason why she was frazzled and not where she really needed to be.

All too quickly, she saw her finish line, saw where she currently was, and counted herself as loss. Tragically diminishing her own God-given strength to persevere. Her thought: If I’m not at the finish line today, I’ll never get there. 

But to the rest of us she looked just fine. Like a woman on fire. Like a woman wonderfully walking out the path God had for her. Our thoughts: She is running her race at the perfect pace and we all can’t help but cheer her on.

And far too often we discount ourselves when we’re really actually doing a whole heck of a lot. Life is crazy and somehow we’re in the thick of it flourishing. 

What you’re doing matters and even if you’re juggling nine things at once, the rest of us think you’re amazing. And families, finals, and finances are just the start of your greatness. You manage to get up each morning and find some semblance of joy even though the news says otherwise each night. You graciously serve those in your home with kindness and patience. You hold your head high at work. You wait at the feet of Jesus for His direction, guidance, and grace.

You’re doing just fine. And you’re going to be just fine, too. 

So His voice reaches your heart, my heart, our hearts, needing His reassurance now more than ever. Trust Me to come through for you, sis. Trust that My way is truly best and you can handle all that’s presently in front. See Me as Your Provider. Your Guide. Your Father.  

Daughters of Heaven don’t just fail. We prevail. Through thick and thin and dark and confusing. Through bad days and tough years and addiction and isolation and depression and strain. We are the lighthouses the rest of the world is looking for because If she can keep it all together, so can I. We are walking pieces of evidence that Jesus brings peace to the most stressful of times.

Flourishing remnants of hope.

raked leaves

And it’s His Presence that changes everything and waters the seed of faith on the inside of this still beating heart. It’s His Name that calms and balms and just keeps us sane in the insane. We are doing okay because He’s leading the way and this juggling of things will eventually fall into place. 

We’re going to be okay because He says He has a plan and His word is more than enough. We’re flourishing in the mess because, only God. 

So the woman laughed as she said she wasn’t handling it all, even though her eyes reacted with the excitement that, Hey, I am actually handling it all! And today that’s what I want for each of us. I want this for you. For our hearts to react with excitement as our spirits edify from within that we are doing this thing they call life and we’re actually doing it pretty well. 

Armored with the love of Jesus, wrapped with the hope of Heaven, we tread upon rotating earth like women confident and secure in a great God. Flourishing right where He has us, no matter where that may be–crazy, calm, or confusing. And, yeah, we may not pass the finish line today, but that just means there’s hope for tomorrow.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the God Who created you. And believe that you’re really doing just fine. You’re flourishing, remember? 

You see, God created us to create in others a desire for the more of Him. And in the more of Him, we will find more of our own identity. More courage to keep going. More patience to sit and be. More grace to pass along. More joy to bubble over. More wisdom to step out. More faith to dream bigger. More confidence to be thankful where we are. More excitement to build our hope in Him and leave a little bit of a faith trail wherever we go.

Even in the seasons of unfinished finish lines, we are still moving forward. Forward in His calling. Forward in His timing. Forward in His very purposed purpose.

Hearts connect now. Minds realize now. That the flourishing ones are the faithful ones and okay, things make a little more sense now. 

So here we go. Another day. Another step. Another opportunity for this faith to turn to flourish and I’m suddenly praising. And we’re really, definitely, totally going to be just fine.

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