So somehow Monday is here, but for the daughters of the King, we press on. Heart towards Heaven, we believe that days of rest and restlessness are equal days of opportunity. Hearts beat a little faster now. Mind calms a bit. Palms press together in praise that Jesus always has a plan and it will forever include me. 

I’ve thought of His promises this past week, on seat edge that no woman is left out of His love story of grace. How kind of the Father to make a place at His table for us girls. Here’s your name, sis. Sit right here. And our hearts pulse fervently because His kindness is just what our thirsty souls need. Parched and dry wastelands often scream for fresh rain; and His Living Water continues to nourish my cracked soul.

So He calls me, He calls us, deeper still. Deeper into the beautiful calling of scandalous love that will shake the world. Deeper into who we really are. And I’m just convinced that He wants the feet of His daughters bringing love, not hate; joy, not complaining; contentment, not comparison; freedom, not fear.

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When we doubt His plan with our words and actions, life abundant is yanked from our midst; but when we act in faith, our identities as daughters of the King create miraculous terrain. It is for this miraculous and eternal terrain that we exist. Courageous one, your feet bring His Presence. Your movement sparks His love. Your words speak His message. You carry Him always. 

Now with such a truth saturating our souls, can we stay silent and stationary one moment more? No! We must go. Princess of Heaven, you must go.

When daughters marked by Heaven’s Spirit decide in our hearts to walk in such boldness, the world will be set ablaze. We will be like the two men on the road to Emmaus— hearts burning within because they walked with Jesus. And now, bless God!, we carry His Spirit in us— walking burning ones igniting the very ground our feet tread. 

Put simply, a woman on fire for The Lord ignites every heart she encounters. 

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” -John Wesley

Precious lungs on both side of this screen now take a deep breath. We have potential! We have purpose! We have possibility! 

Yes, dear one. That’s you. A scalding piece of radical love Divinely delivered to this earth. And if we quiet ourselves now, I honestly believe we could hear the world crying, groaning, and screaming for more scalding pieces of radical love to be delivered here. Set us free from this destruction. Set us free from this profanity. Set us free from the darkness. 

Immersed in darkness, the search for light will never end. Earth strives and seeks and tries to fulfill every empty longing within. No answers to our questions. No fulfillment in our longings.  And our God looks on from His Heavenly throne nodding at us (us!)— his torchbearers. His radical lovers. His burning ones. There is an answer! There is fulfillment! He has set the world free! He has broken chains and made a way and sent His word out among the nations. Two thousand years ago He sent Jesus and it is now up to us (what grace!) to tell the world.

Every breathing soul on this planet deserves to know such grace, right? 

The world, our nation, our state, our city is waiting and yearning for the women of God to do something eternal. Everyone, everywhere is so tired of our temporal act. Real, not false—it’s what we all desperately crave. 

Father’s heart has crafted us for the sole purpose of loving Him and His children well— and no boundary, ethnicity, government, law, or religion can tell us otherwise. Our love should be so deep for our God, for our precious and slain and powerful and kind and Living Jesus, that we can’t keep it in. Every heart we encounter should be left burning with radical love because they have encountered the One, the Holy and Beautiful One, in us. 

My sisters, do not grow weary where God has you. Take heart that He has placed you, purposed you, and protected you for such a time as this. Quit striving and searching for an answer only He provides. And now His girls must arise. Our future is so bright and so purposed and powerful that the gates of hell tremble at our names. Lauren, daughter of God. Killian, princess warrior of Heaven. Mallory, co-heir with Christ. Christian, Spirit-filled lover of Jesus. 

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And when our identities as His girls are solidified, when we truly and deeply believe we belong at His table, the lies spoken for years over our lives deafen. The words the enemy has planted suddenly disappear because I know who I am and I know Whose I am!  

The enemy will always and forever try to keep the daughters of Heaven unidentified. If we don’t know who we are and Whose we are, we will never threaten enemy territory. But when we stand firm in our identity as Heavenly royalty, assured of our God’s immeasurable and immovable love for us? Every fiber of the enemy’s camp trembles in fear, for our armor is now on and our eyes are locked on Jesus.

So we exist for more than just this tainted and shallow earth. We exist for intimate relationship with King Jesus, a breath of fresh air and pure Light cascading in our souls. We exist to join with the angels when they bow to worship Him singing, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty; Who was, and is, and is to come! We exist to reach the lost and speak His name boldly and fearlessly and be exactly as we were created— the spotless, strong, and secure Bride of Christ. When daughters believe we are daughters and royalty believes we are royalty, every kingdom outside of ours has no choice but to submit and kneel to our Ruler, our King. Our presence demands His Presence. Our identity demands His identity.

When we are confident in who we are, others will be confident in Whose we are. It’s just the beauty of the relationship. Daughter reflecting perfect Father, Father loving imperfect daughter. And the in-between is just more grace. 

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