There’s this tension that exists at the heart of every woman: the struggle between who God created us to be and who others want us to become. We are caught in holy tension, bound by the desires of this world and beckoned forward into the higher calling of Jesus. And on days like today, when our heart is stretched and emotions are aimless, lies try to overshadow the Love until we’re broken ones yet again.

Do you feel the same? Like your heart is lost and your soul has been orphaned for yet another day? 

And in moments like this one right now, when the world spins in an orbit of apathy, it seems easy to fall into the rotation. And yet something within us whispers softly, You were made for more. 

For more. For deeper and more beautiful and the most extraordinary of things. For richer and wider and more adventurous things. We were made for the scandalous journey of love with the One they call Jesus. 

woman field

Bound by the enemy assignment of inadequacy, we reach for what is always so far away— perfection flirts with our imagination that one day I’ll be exactly who they want me to be. One day I’ll arrive. One day I’ll get it all together. One day I’ll be healed enough or forgiven enough to move on. And so the “one days” turn into our entire lives and we’re always left laying our head on our pillows at night exhausted from the hustle. Overwhelmed by the perplexity of it all. Undone by the expectations of society that tell us we will never quite get there. 

And so the wickedness prevails while daughters of the King sit idly by wishing for something innately good to happen. If good would come, we argue, if true goodness would happen and humanity would operate out of love and not hate the world would change. We continue this diatribe with the rest of the world hoping and wishing for better days, completely oblivious to the beautiful resurrection power shaking within our very souls.

And so we wear defeat like it’s the new fad, content to walk through life as an audience when we were made to be an army. Women everywhere have succumbed to the deception and believed the lie that we are bystanders instead of builders, hopeless instead of hopeful, and a barely palatable mush of soul that can’t seem to get anything right. 

When we believe such audacious filth, our hearts are robbed of their true identity— royalty of the Kingdom of Heaven; warriors for the advancement of the gospel; encouragers of all other broken ones; an army of regal grace. 

Because the regal grace, it’s not trampled over. Regal grace is a characteristic of one who knows just who she is and just Who she belongs to. 

woman swing

Identity is a byproduct of our relationship with Jesus; His giving of what we have always secretly longed for: a beautiful pursuit of our hearts that will never disappoint or fade away. What bliss could be ours if we simply allowed Him to love us this deeply! If our striving and pacing in the world around us, the hustle of menial things, ceased completely, only to be wrapped in the unashamed and unblemished Love of our Savior!

How differently our world would look if women everywhere awoke each morning and pressed into the Presence of God. Marriages would be stronger, friendships would be deeper, workplaces would be brighter. When women decide that we are citizens of Heaven and believe the truth that we are worthy, called, chosen, and fought for, the entire nature of our world will change. When you and I decide to say “no” to the lies of the enemy and “yes” to the promises of God, life will begin once again. When we recognize the tactics of the evil one and his hatred towards all women and turn instead to the kind and strong love of Jesus, this green orbiting sod will be overwhelmed with Heaven. 

And when Heaven comes to earth, lives are always saved.

“But we aren’t the sort of people {the sort of women}  who timidly draw back and end up being destroyed. We’re the sort of people {the sort of women} who have faith so that our whole beings are preserved.” -Hebrews 10:39 (emphasis added)

And this Monday your identity is needed. We need you to rise from the ashes of the enemy and be robed in the Light of Jesus. Let’s not be content anymore to operate outside of who Jesus says we are. Let’s not allow one more second to pass without making eternal ripples as the valiant, courageous, and strong brave hearts of Heaven that we are. 

So daughters are once again armored with the truth of God and the assurance that things aren’t as bleak as they seem. And while our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for more daughters to devour, we stand firm in the truth that Jesus has won. Nails were beaten into skin, a cross was hung on, and a grave walked out of all for Love. Pursued and fought for, we are His special ones. 

With a promise such as this, the question then becomes: What will we do in response to this Love? All of Heaven awaits. All of earth awaits. All of the brokenness awaits for us to decide.

For the daughters of Heaven have been reminded. The daughters of Heaven have been readied. Our identity has been reestablished. The holy tension now dissolves and the evil realms tremble in fear. For His girls have awakened. And the world will never be the same. 

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