How far you’ve come, brave one. 

How hard you had to fight to get where you are. How miraculous is your life. How beautiful your story. How glorious your testimony.

How astounding it is that you are where you are— alive, well, whole. . . here. 

And it’s interesting how we take the inhale and exhale for granted. The hurry of life rips the praise right out and before we know it, we lose sight of the blessed reality that is our life. 

Because our eyes did open this morning and feet did hit the floor. The shower turned on and food was in the fridge. The car started and a job was waiting for us at 9am. Our ears heard a “Good Morning!” and our feet felt the vibrations of the pavement. Our tongue tasted coffee. Our voice sang to the radio. Our heart jumped at the message on the other end of the phone.

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And so we just take a second to look back. Maybe it’s a few years, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few days. How far we’ve truly come! And this Friday we can celebrate that all of life may not make sense, so it’s a good thing we are children of the Life Giver. Confusion may confound and depression may try to sneak in, but the enemy is just no match for our Father. So, we press on. 

We contend and fight and search for the joy and the blessing that exists, because they do exist. Bumps in the road do not mean that the journey has failed. Bumps in the road are just encouragements to adjust our position closer to Jesus. So, cancer? We adjust closer. Heroin? We scoot in. Breakup? We’re coming near, Lord. Job loss? Jesus, here I am. 

The enemy will never make sense of our bumps and bruises. He will only bump and bruise us more. But, Jesus? He will hold us and carry us. And He may not tell us the whys and the hows, the ins and the outs, but His Presence will always be enough. 

And how far you’ve come, brave one. 

“The minute I said, ‘I’m slipping, I’m falling,’ Your love, God, took hold and held me fast. When I was upset and beside myself, You calmed me down and cheered me up.” -Psalm 94:18-19 MSG

It takes courage to adjust ourselves closer to The Lord. It’s so easy to take the shortcuts. It’s less painful to complain. We feel comfortable in the hurt— it may even be what we’re used to. God, it’s just hard to adjust my life to You. 

But, You adjusted Your life to me 2000+ years ago, so I’ll come near now. 

And gratitude makes us aware of His Presence. Gratitude makes us aware of His heart. Gratitude may not make sense of the circumstances and it may not hurry the process, but it does refocus our hearts. Because Thank You, Jesus, I’ve made it this far. Thank You that You never left me. Thank You that You saved me. Thank You that You never gave up on this weary soul. 

Just think about it! You could be where you were. Still struggling, still caught in sin, still wrapped around your selfishness, still co-dependent, still an addict, still broken, still cheating, still angry, still foul mouthed, still lost, still sick, still bitter. You could be where you were, but you’re not. And maybe you’re not where you want to be? Well, your lungs are still moving. I’d say today is a good day to keep pressing in; to adjust closer to Jesus. 

That’s what I’m doing. Scooting closer to Him, leaning over to find my rest in Him as I whisper Thank You. And some days He can barely hear the gratitude from me. Somedays I revert back to my old self. But He sees me for who He created—a daughter trying my best to reflect my beautiful Jesus every day of my life. And so He sticks with me as I try my best every single day.

And He’s sticking with you, too. 

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Close your eyes as you hear His voice now infiltrate the space around you. Hold out your hands to receive His gift of peace. Still your heart to take in His very real Presence with you. And as His Spirit moves, you will hear His words. Words you’ve needed. Not from yourself. Not from your parents, your friends, your spouse, your pastor. You’re going to hear words from Jesus, the only One that really knows the needs of your precious heart. 

Softly it comes, a sound so familiar to our hearts. So peaceful. So strong. So steady. So life giving. He is speaking to you now. To you. Directly to you. 

How far you’ve come, brave one, He says. How much I love you, He whispers.

How far you’ve come. How much I love you. 

How far you’ve come. How much I love you. 

How far you’ve come. How much I love you. 

Believe in Him today. Believe in yourself today. You are awesome and precious. You are purposed and held! Today is a day of gratitude. And tomorrow we’ll be thankful, too.

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