Dirt will always look like dirt until our eyes adjust to fertile ground.

So a broken person will always look broken until we see the potential within the broken, right? 

Yeah, we all have hope because even the ugliest parts can end up spelling grace. That’s what my friends who have overcome addiction say. That’s what the abused will tell you. That’s what even your own heart is speaking now. Even the ugliest parts can spell grace. 

Because seeds are planted in the dark and even rain waters bring growth. It’s nice how Jesus brings life from the dirty and pouring storm things. Like we may have been planted in the mire and watered by the storm, but yet we still live and bloom like we were created. . . on purpose.

I’m laughing now because our God is just so great. 

purple flower

He truly has our best in mind, even when we think we’ve been dumped in the dirt. And, in fact, we have not been dumped; we’ve been planted.

And it’s this God that looks at a lame man and says Walk, even when legs hadn’t felt in years. It’s this Jesus Who commands a dead man to Come out, even when the smell of death still lingered. It’s our King that bent down to a crying woman and shielded her from her accusers, even when her sins piled up against her.

It’s everything we know colliding with everything He knows and we are left reeling. Because Who can heal something long dead and Who could ever put me back together and Who knows where I’ll even end up? 

Yeah, our small minds can only hold so much. How beautiful that we can’t contain Him. How nice we don’t understand our dirt beginnings and our storm seasons. How gentle of Him to let us emerge from the ground a new creation, never to be seen as ugly again. 

That’s why Christians are considered seeds. We are planted in the mire to be bloomed in the Son. How appropriate. How majestic. How needed.

“Because God’s writing your story and He never leaves you alone in your story, and His perfect love absorbs all your fear and His perfect grace carries all your burdens, and your story is a happily ever after because Christ bought your happily ever after so you always know how this story ends.” -Ann Voskamp

He’s greater than my addiction, I heard this week. He restored my marriage. He gave my life purpose. He disintegrated the cancer. He protected my child. He spared my life. 

And if a cross, a handful of nails, no pulse, and a three day trip to the grave couldn’t stop Him? There’s not a single spot of darkness in our lives that could keep Him away. 

So the memory we are afraid to return to? He was there. The breaking our heart can’t seem to heal from? He’s restoring piece by piece. The words that spewed and stuck to our soul? He scrubs away. 

But I’m dirty. Come here, He whispers. But I’m hurt. Come here, He draws us. But I’m broken. Come here, He beckons. But I’m sin stained. Come here, He says.

It’s just His way. To bring life from dark and dead places. To infuse the earthly with tastes of eternity. To pull off bandages and say, heal. To look at blind eyes and speak, see. To take shattered souls and draw near.

And we can’t get around it and scientists can’t describe it. This phenomenon that supersedes all phenomenons. The very real fact that the Pure mixes with the dark only to rescue sinners? Yeah, that’s our God. The astounding truth that a throne was left empty while He walked dusty roads only to save scoundrels? Yeah, He knows my name.

woman wall of flowers

Yeah, He did that for me and you and yeah, He’s doing if for thousands more today. Because today (yes, TODAY!) is a great day to rise with the Son. Today is a beautiful day for healing and miracles and joyful tears and clapping hands. Today is just a good day because our God is a good God and we are ready people. 

And so we have been planted. Tiny seeds pressed into tainted earth, we have waited. Storms have pressed and pounded, raged and ceased, and all the while we grow beneath the surface of the dirt. Creator constantly speaking grace over His beautiful created. Our potential swells like a pregnant belly, waiting to emerge with the calling of life. So we may look dirty and there may be ugly parts of us, but we laugh and remember that never stopped Him before. And it won’t stop Him now. 

So, eyes up, dear one. Today is the day to bloom with the Son. We have been planted. We have been watered. We have been patient. Now the world waits for our intricate design to emerge from the pressure filled ground, each of us an original. Each of us a masterpiece. Each of us a direct reflection of the Son that has poured forth His light since our very beginning.

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