There have been days when I’ve chosen to operate in the spirit of discouragement. In and out and up and around and here and there I’ve walked discouraged. I’ve spoken discouraged. I’ve acted discouraged. I’ve lived discouraged. I’ve loved discouraged.

And then there are days when I’ve chosen complacency. Staying the same is for me, I’ve whispered. I’ll never be anything different. I’ll never see a new day. The opportunities aren’t for me. And I’ve walked complacent. I’ve spoken complacent. I’ve acted complacent. I’ve lived complacent. I’ve loved complacent.

So days have gone by without my eternal mark of significance and time, again, has been wasted. 

I’ve operated outside of my inheritance. 


I had a conversation with a group of friends a few weeks ago about the excitement that comes from walking with The Lord. And our hearts jump with expectation when we realize life can be lived on adventure with Jesus. It’s true! Laughter and joy and hope and grace interrupt the discouragement and complacency that threaten. You have no place here, the Freedom speaks boldly.

Because when life is lived on adventure with Jesus, everything that threatens has no choice but to leave. Every single thing. Every single thing that reminds us of shame. Every single thing that brings up inadequacy. Every single thing that belongs from the enemy camp must GO. When we operate from our inheritance as children of God, the enemy must vacate the premises. That’s just what the Name of our Jesus does! 

Goodbye, heavy chains. Hello, amazing and fun adventure with King Jesus!

What a joy! What a relief! What a hope! What freedom!

“If you’re not having fun, you need to back up and find out where you left Jesus.” -Bill Johnson

And so this friend group sat in a circle on a back porch laughing at the weightlessness of it all. Life with Jesus, choosing His joy and relishing His peace, is the only life worth living.

And we found ourselves on the edge of our seats, totally excited for what the next day held! I want to pray  with my patients tomorrow, one guy shared. I want to really talk to this one man I pass in the hallway everyday, another joined in. I want to speak life over someone I meet. I want to send a note to a difficult co-worker. I want to pray with a random stranger. 

Father’s kid after Father’s kid jumped in one after another expectant of the eternal adventure that was in store for their lives. How freeing it is to actually live with Jesus. He is the most fun, after all! He does hold the greatest joy! And life with Him? Oh, it is not a list of rules or a legalistic pointing finger. If anything, life lived with Jesus is His open arms and laughter saturating our very presence day in and day out. 

So that’s the life I will choose to live. I choose to live, I choose to operate from my inheritance. I choose adventure with the King!

Eyes open in the morning and before discouragement has the opportunity to wedge its way in, I choose joy. Before complacency and despair and heartache and inadequacy surface, I choose peace. I choose Jesus.

I choose an adventure full of unexpected surprises. I choose a joy-filled day that points Heavenward. I choose a ride of excitement with the Spirit that makes my soul leap with expectation for what is to come.

I choose the life I was created for! I choose Jesus! 

Will you choose the same with me?


I fan the spark of the Spirit within and suddenly everything else seems to burn up. The earthly fades and the eternal flames. Yeah, that’s how I was always meant to live. This is the life, I will say, as I lay my head on my pillow later tonight.

This is truly the life. Eyes closing, I will fall asleep excited for what tomorrow morning will hold. And when tomorrow breaks with the morning sun, do you know what my first words will be?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked. This is the life, I will laugh, and today. . .  I choose Jesus! 

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