We emerged out of the world. 

We moved hand in hand towards that Cross.  

We arose bold, matured and full of God.  

We, the army, pressed in and said collectively, “Here we are! Send us” reciting Isaiah 6:8 to the Heavens.  The words resonated beautifully with God and the Angels and we could feel their proud smiles closer than ever before as we pressed in.  When our King said, ”Move” we started marching without hesitation. And so did He.

The ones who came lost, left found.

The ones who came found, left even stronger.

If our King says move and we obey, He will meet us on the battleground and do the hard work.  Our burden is light in the name of Jesus.  We came together to praise Him out in a random field in Kentucky, USA, and He was right there with us. 

We are no warmers of the bench, we are warmers of the torch of Heaven.

We can’t afford to just praise Him in a church anymore. We will now go praise Him in a random field or on the streets or in a club because maybe the addicts, prostitutes, alcoholics, homeless, orphans, broken and abused, the other man’s trash… maybe the random fields and streets of this world are where they will meet Jesus and become our brothers and sisters.  His church is not some building protected by walls and adorned with beautiful, cushioned pews and stained glass windows…


We Are It.  


And we are tearing down those walls.  We don’t want a worldly safety because we have a Kingdom calling.  The movers. The shakers. The ground breakers. The way makers.  This Earth is crumbling around us and our cities are going down in flames.  But we don’t mourn the bodies, we desperately mourn the souls.  Were they saved?  Did they know about Jesus?  What if it was up to us to show them?  Where were we?  

So, we are urgently reminded to go when He says, “Move” and no amount of turmoil and destruction in the spaces to which He leads us can arouse in us fear. 

 “No weapon formed against you will succeed, and you will refute any accusation raise against you in court.  This is the heritage of the Lord’s servants, and their righteousness is from Me.  This is the Lord’s declaration.” (Isaiah 54:17) 

Joined together in His name with big expectations and no hesitation outside in a field miles away from any church building, we saw Heaven.  And while it is sweet, the vision of our missing brothers and sisters was heart shattering.  We are citizens of Heaven, here on loan from our Creator.  And we have work to do. 

We have to move.  

We have to love in motion and go where called. Where we might not always be welcome.  We have to go speak love where hate is the language.  We were born different and we’ve always known.  We are fiery, unafraid and unashamed.  We don’t look to our left or to our right, we look up.   Our pasts being merely boot camp for God’s great army. His promises came true when we let Him have His way.  

When we invite him into our hearts, He refreshed what was already in us and put it to use for His good.  And now we stand before Him ready.  We are free spirits.  We don’t fit inside the lines.  Being outsiders is what ignites our fire and our purpose has never been clearer.  Boldness is the standard.  We freely throw up our hands to the Heavens.  We humbly drop to our knees at the whisper of His Spirit.  He fills us up and we drown in His grace.  We can’t contain how good he is to us and we want everyone to taste and see. 

Until the end of days, we will be like You, Jesus.  

We don’t know how to be anything else.

We were made for this.




Clare Tucker is a 20-something living in Alabama fearlessly proclaiming the Name of Jesus. She writes for Angelic Magazine and seeks to know The Lord deeper with each day that passes. You can follow her on Instagram at @Ctucky.

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