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So glad you stopped into Couture31 today. It is a perfect fall day in my part of the woods and nothing gets me more excited than the season of fall! Tonight, I’m heading to my brother’s first football scrimmage of the year…this weather + football + what’s on the blog today?! MY DAY IS MADE!

Below you will find an interview with one shining lady! I met Krista at a conference this summer and adored her from the moment we started talking. Everything about her personality exudes goodness and joy…and boy, did she rub off on me! I quickly discovered her passion: creating intentional relationships through small acts of kindness. WOW! How our world needs what Krista has to offer! So, I’ll stop blabbering…read on and check out Krista’s ministry, Meaning in a Minute!


C31: Thanks for stopping by Couture31 today to share a bit about your ministry! If you would, please share a little bit about your work, including your name and position.

KG: Thanks so much for having me over at your blog Kelsey!  It is such an honor.

I’m Krista Gilbert, the creator of Meaning in a Minute, a website designed to encourage daily, meaningful connection.  People can sign up for a 14 day dare and receive one “dare” to do per day that requires, at minimum, 1 minute of time.  There are dares for marriage, family, teachers, Christmas, and teens (launching fall 2013).

C31: Please tell us how your ministry got started and how you got to where you are today. 

KG: This ministry was born out of my own need!  I found that I was doing a great deal for my family in a day – carpooling, dinner, helping with homework, etc. – but not necessarily connecting with their hearts.  I wondered if even 1 minute a day of intentional connection time would make a difference in our relationships. Turned out, it did and it does!  We all have a minute, so the “I don’t have time” excuse doesn’t count!

C31: Why do you see a need for your ministry in the world? 

KG: As I spoke with people about what I was doing, others resonated and asked me to help them do the same.  The modern person is busy, but all of us desire deep, meaningful connection with those around us.  This provides a practical answer to that dilemma.

C31: Why should people care about your ministry? 

KG: Jesus tells us to love God first, and then love others.  If we do those well, we are living life to the full.  Loving others well takes some intention, and that is where Meaning in a Minute can help.  It provides ideas for those who desire to love others well.

meaning in a minute

C31: What has God taught you over the course of your involvement with your ministry?

KG: God has taught me that loving others doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.  In fact, the opposite is true.  It is the “little things” that often make the biggest impact.  When we lay brick upon brick, it creates a strong foundation.

C31Tell us about a specific experience you’ve had with your ministry/outreach program that has really impacted you…

KG: I take all of the “dares” myself before I ever put them out to the public.  One of the family dares is to write in expo marker on mirrors in the house to tell people how much you love them.  I wrote a quote about fathers and a long message on my husband’s mirror.  The next morning I woke up to a message on my mirror that said, “I don’t ever want your minute dares to end.”

C31: How can people get involved with your ministry? Any specific areas of need that you have right now?

KG: Take the dares and affect the people in your sphere!  Beyond that, I’d be honored if you’d spread the word.  The more people we have intentionally investing in the lives of those around them, the better we are as couples, families, churches, etc.

C31: If people were to get involved with your ministry/outreach program what kind of experience could they expect? How would their lives change? 

KG: They would become more aware of what they are doing each day to connect to the heart of others.  The dares are nothing earth shattering.  In fact, they are so simple!  But it can draw attention to how little we actually do things to build relationships.

C31 What has been your favorite “God Moment” throughout your ministry? 

KG: There have been many “God Moments” but I think my favorites are when people write to me about how this has completely changed their thinking about connection.  They tell me that it really does make a difference in their relationships, and it is simple to do!

Well, gals that about sums it up! I don’t know one person on the planet who couldn’t benefit from what Krista is doing. What do you think? I am going to take the challenge of being more intentional with the fabulous people God has placed around me. Will you join Krista and me?! For more information on Meaning in a Minute, just click the link below!

take the

Ta-Ta for now! Be sure to come back on Friday for a family recipe that is out of this world!!!



(all images taken from Krista’s amazing website,


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